A little about me

Hello! My name is Aine (On-ya) I am a resident of Longmont, Colorado. I have been passionately involved in the world of art for the past 15 years. I am fascinated with the colors and patterns found in nature. Through my art, I invite you into a world celebrating color, wonder, and magic. I hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty that exists in both the natural and imagined realms.
Throughout my artistic journey, I have explored various forms of artistic expression. My portfolio encompasses a wide range of artistic endeavors, including commercial art, screen printing, logo design, greeting cards, album covers, and murals created both in my studio and in live settings.


Custom artwork. I am almost always available for commission pieces.

-People or pet portraits.

-Murals for the home or business, available in the Seattle area and on the Olympic peninsula only.

-T-shirt designs.

-Company Logos.


I have worked as an artist for over a decade.

My work is with watercolors and oil paints. I also work in digital medium.

I sell greeting cards and original pieces.

I have been hired to create; Business logos, home and business murals, nursery art, album cover, pet and people portraits.


On the Front Range of Colorado

Longmont, Colorado

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